Gigi LaMayne Debuts New ‘Ice Cream’ Video ft. Khuli Chana

Don’t front, Gigi LaMayne’s single ‘Ice Cream’ was phly. So phly that when she came back with the remix featuring Khuli Chana, it smacked you upside the head because you didn’t think it could get better.

On Friday Gigi hit up the team over over at Turn Up Channel O to premiere the song on screens. Now we have it on the good ol’ web for everyone to see.

The video features Gigi in a few different scenes; all of which are literal interpretations of the song title. Pretty women, ice cream and great weather; who can have anything against that? Of course Khuli makes an appearance to sprinkle a little Konka to the mix and the vid is a wrap.

You can check it out below:

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