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DotCom Drops ‘The One’ Remix Ft Reason

DotCom Drops ‘The One’ Remix Ft Reason the one


DotCom Drops ‘The One’ Remix Ft Reason

DotCom felt it wasn’t enough to give you the original joint so he gave you a remix for his new single ‘The One’ featuring East Rand veteran Reason.

‘Real One’ describes a woman who wants a man who is worthy of having her, and wants a real relationship. “Said she f*cked alota n*ggas but then I’m the realest” Reason raps. “Mami still demanded respect like Aretha Franklin” he rapped. Signed to ShowLove Music, Dot released a mixtape in 2013 and has been featured on a number of songs including DJ Speedsta’s ‘Bad Chick’ and DJ Radix’s ‘Pretty Black Rose’. He is yet to release an album. Until then download this new joint.

Download the track below:

Here is the Soundcloud link:

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