HYPE x Levi’s Music Meets Fashion Series: Yehudi The Jew

A born and bred Soweto guy, stylist, art director and fashion icon Yehudi The Jew sat down with us to discuss threads, music influence on fashion and his love for denim.


Who is Yehudi?

I am a creator of fashion in many forms of expression through street culture.

Who are some of your favourite contemporary artists?

Definitely Michael Jackson; he is the greatest performer of all time. Kanye West modern day pop culture maker and Drake is probably the most important artist of our generation.

Who/what are some of your fashion influences?
Personally, I’d have to say my best friend Thabo. He doesn’t have much resources but he is unique and kills everything he touches; you’ll hear about him soon. I also think I inspire myself. I’m my own hype man when it comes to fashion, ‘cause I strive to translate my own authentic fashion sense based on my perspective of the world

Being a style icon who is engrossed in both music and fashion, how would you say fashion influences music and vice versa?
Music and fashion are in sync because they are both forms of expression. The first artist I worked with was Khuli Chana and he told me that the garment or look he is rocking determines the type of performance he gives on stage. If you look good you feel good. It’s no secret that how you look speaks volumes on how you see the world and when you look your best you express yourself better. Music videos, live performances and/or any other visual platform musicians have is fundamental for them to have their own look.

If you could describe your style using a song title or name lyric, which would it be and why?
‘I am a God’ by Kanye West from his album Yeezus. But at the end I strive to create history in my form of fashion and to put my head in a Godly state of mind so to create the best expressive fashion there is out there. Kanye West album yeezus took us by surprise as it’s nothing we use to from him and his expressive nature and bald moves define his craft. My look and his are not the same cause I am more avantgarde and he likes simple colors compare to me more print. But he translates my craft in words mentally and he is the greatest expressionist of our time.

How important is denim as a fabric to you and what’s the best way to style it?

Quality denim will never get old. It’s probably the only fabric in the world that will never go out of style. It re-inovates itself through generations across all borders. You can rock it with basically anything. For me denim is about the cut of the jean and the shade. I’m a fan of fitted jeans (not skinny too tight). I like the denim ripped, denim on denim feel, with the old skool denim shirt and sleeveless denim jacket. Simple pieces but so classic

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