Flabba’s Brother Watched Him Die

In the early hours of this morning, Flabba’s brother was asleep and woken by sounds which he described as a “lovers’ quarrel” he told eNCA. He witnessed his brother’s death where he was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend in the heart during the heated argument in his home in Alexandra, J-sec.

Flabba made his debut in the game when he was part of legendary rap group Skwatta Kamp, alongside Nemza, Slikour, Infa, Nish, Bozza and Shugasmakx. Since then has ventured into a solo career which saw him drop the 2007 SAMA winning album Nkuli VS Flabba.

More recently, he featured on DJ Slique’s ‘Do Like I Do’ and its remix, which he had the opportunity to perform this past Saturday at the AxcessJozi concert alongside L-Tido, Kwesta, Riky Rick and Nadia Nakai.

Flabba graced the HYPE cover in 2007 after snagging the ‘Best Hip Hop Album’ award against rappers Zubz, Tumi and Proverb. His album, a controversial project because of its coarseness and uncensored hood aesthetic, is widely regarded as one of the key influential projects to bring vernacular, street rap to a commercial environment.

Condolences have been pouring in from his from the entire hip hop community all morning, including Ifani, ProVerb, Tumi Molekane, and Ginger Trill who too to Twitter to say: “I’ll remember Flabba for being a happy soul and such a sport, he was actually so funny !!” Trill featured Flabba on his latest video ‘Fede’.

As the only magazine to have ever put him on the cover, we salute the big homie and thank him you his contribution to this culture hip hop.

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