DJ Khaled Sued by His Jeweler

Superstar Miami born producer DJ Khaled is in a bit of hot water after his New York jeweler claims Khaled broke their contract by using jewelry he hasn’t paid for.

Khaled had been given some pieces from the jeweler Rafaello & Company on a trial basis which he still hasn’t returned. Khaled was given two Rolex watches, a pair of diamond earrings, a four-karat diamond ring and a custom-made diamond chain which were all meant to be returned according to the written agreement. This also clearly stated that he can trial the jewelry for 15 days but must be returned. Here we all were thinking Khaled is “Smart” [SMH]. Once you exceed the 15 days, you still have the option of paying for it or returning the pieces, Khaled decided to do neither according to the lawsuit.

Does this mean he’s gonna be laying low coz he doesn’t wanna give back what he doesn’t own? If you were Khaled what would you do? Bear in mind he has a net worth on $18mil

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