After heavy speculation on these streets in the past couple of months, it seems that the first collaboration between Kanye West and adidas is complete and will see a release date way sooner that what most expected.

To refresh your memory, in 2013 Yeezy went on one of his most infamous media rampages to date – Sway In the Morning, The Breakfast Club Power 105, Zane Lowe BBC Radio – where he dragged for collaborator Nike’s name through the mud for not allowing him to design more sneakers for the brand after his iconic Yeezy and Yeezy 2 pairs did so well. Kanye also stated that Nike did not respect his craft enough to give him royalties on the sneaker but instead used his influence to further their interests and crush his creative spirit.

Long story short, Adidas picked him up shortly afterwards and after over a year of mystery, adidas have announced that pair to be releasing on 14 February 2015, over the NBA All Star Weekend.

Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh and Kanye himself have been seen wearing the pair in the past week. But it’s ‘Ye’s barber and longtime friend Ibn Jasper who spilled the beans, posting up-close shots of kicks showing different angles on his Instagram page. Yeezy’s have a reputation of being ridiculously expensive and that’s if you are even able to find a miraculous way to get them from overseas. Are they worth the trouble or is it a bunch of hype? Check them out here:

Are they worth it?

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