Rossfit, a hard pill to swallow

One of the most cherished artists of our time Ricky Rozay aka the ‘Bawse’ has been making headlines for his amazing weight loss attainment. Mmm I mean it’s all good, we are all tryna live a healthy lifestyle aint it? (Rhetorical, don’t bother with the obvious response). Allow me to cut straight to the chase, this thing does not go down well with I, and I’m sure I’m not the only one holding that weight.

Ross has been known for descriptions like “the biggest Boss in the business”, which all made sense, the dots connected. He was big; the grunts suited him so well and seemed to complete the puzzle. You could easily match the voice to the physical appearance. His deep voice and the big body all made sense, and please do not misunderstand me here. I am not saying being a Boss is all about having a big body like Rozay had in the past. No; it’s about taking care of the team, making those Boss moves. I don’t see Ross being able to live up to the level of Bawse in one’s imagination as it had impacted us when he possessed the big body.

Just to vent a little bit to make evident of the fact that the Boss tag fits better with a chubby boss, please compare the two with your imagination; Jigga rapping “Baby I’m a Boss, I don’t know what they do/I don’t get dropped” (On to the next one’, Blueprint 3) and Ross rapping “A Boss is the one who guarantee we gone eat” (On Meek Mill’s ‘I’m a boss’). Didn’t a Rick Ross ‘Boss’ line carry more weight than all the other Bosses ‘Boss’ lines in the game? And why was that? Simple as ABC, isn’t it? Because he matched the portrayed picture, thanks to the big weight he had.



Personally I think we opened our hip hop doors to Rick Ross not mainly but partly because he just matched the Boss picture and trust me I’m not undermining the MMG head honchos rapping skills and his mastermind business moves. If it was not for the latter, I doubt he would be deemed Boss as he is.

But there is no use crying over spilled milk, I mean it’s good for the boy’s health and may he please not get any thinner than what he already is. I just wanted to let these thoughts out, what is your take on this?

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