DSouth Africa’s street fashion scene is has been growing day by day. Local street brands are on the come-up and this growth phenomenon acts as a testament to the development of our street culture. The streets have undoubtedly become the ideal source dependent on for inspirations & identity. The right to express oneself through the threads that one wears is what street fashion is all about, some call it a fashion truth that reveals one’s true self-worth or relates to certain movement or lifestyle. One street brand that works towards creating a movement, vibe & culture through its garments is BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR and we at HYPE got the opportunity to interview the young brand and discussed how they started out and whether they have a master plan set to penetrate the street fashion industry.
When and how did BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR start & what is the brand’s aim within our local street fashion industry?
BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR was an idea I had since 2012, but at the time I had insufficient funds to start up the brand. Then in January this year I finally started working on the brand, with some money I had saved up. I decided to release my winter range which was called “Equilibrium” which means balance and from there I started looking at the brand more as a culture and added some meaning to it.
Street brands have been emerging at such a rapid rate and the market is starting to get a little crowded. What would you say differentiates BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR from other street brands on the come- up? Do you have a master plan to set you apart?
That is true, I guess you could call it a master plan, I’m working on a video so I’m hoping that would give my brand a step forward or set the bar higher in terms of street wear clothing.F
Where do you get your inspirations from?
Most of my inspiration is derived from Japanese ninja fashion as well as haute couture fashion. From that I merge the two together and create something out of the ordinary, I listen to a lot of dub step music so that is also where I get my concepts from.
What is the brand’s philosophy?
Most fundamentally, to represent street wear fashion in South Africa.
Your top 5 local street brands?
I would say: Kreative Beings, Unique Icons, Babatunde, 2bop and Carpen Noctem .
PYour top 5 international street brands?
dxpe chef, trikki, highsnobiety, crooks & castles, blvck scale.
What has been your biggest challenge as a young fashion brand?
Money is the most limiting factor.
What kind of threads does BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR have & where can one purchase your products?
It has the Equinox range which consists of leather baseball jackets, tank tops, crop tops, crewnecks, t-shirts as well as baseball t’s made from mesh. To purchase one has to follow @blvckbxystwear on twitter, and I will direct message so we can discuss further details such as deposit and order.
Where do you see BLACKBOY (BLVCKBXY) STREETWEAR in the next 5 years?
In stores, television, magazines as well as websites, basically everywhere.
One Word that describes you streetwear?

Written By: Rudzani “@Roo_AT” Netshiheni


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