Dreamteam talk about upcoming plans and why talented KZN artists hardly get seen


If you have already picked up the Aug/Sep issue of HYPE, you’d have hopefully read the exclusive interview we got with Dreamteam, who are on the verge of dropping their sophomore. Check out what they said about DBN rappers, their promo plans for the year and when they knew that they’d blown up. 

HYPE: Trey, you’ve been in the industry for a long time as a producer. You worked on The Given Mixtape which was a really great project that came out of Durban over 5 years ago. It felt that it should’ve been more mainstream than it was.

Trey: At that time we didn’t have the sufficient connections to push through the relevant channels, even though it got quite a bit of mileage, but could’ve done so much better. That’s what the DreamTeam idea was also tryna push, to conquer that divide and barrier. Durban has a lot of talent but it’s never seen!

HYPE: So at what point did you feel like the group blowing up was all actually possible? Because so many people would’ve given up along the line.

Trey: I think it’s a belief that you have just growing up. The more you love entertainment you feel you are born for it. Every time you try and knock on the door you always have that belief that one of those doors are gonna open, and then after  ‘Phunqa’ started trending on Twitter,  that’s when we realised that people will vibe along and appreciate our music.

HYPE: What are some of your promotional plans for the year?

Trey: It’s predominantly digital now, that’s how bad the industry has become. I still believe that there’s a huge market for physical sales, but you just have to find a strategy that’s gonna workdt

HYPE: From here onwards, what can we expect after you drop the album?

Trey: A whole lot of performances, we are dropping a lot of videos because we are visually trying to be there as well, also merchandise.

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