coupledJust when we thought we’d never again hear Ray-J bring up his past with Kim Kardashian, the struggling singer drops a new joint in which he talks about his regrets in life… including, of course, that notorious sex tape.

In the latest track, Never Shoulda Did That, Ray J sings: “F*cking b*tches on camera, shouldn’t a did that sh*t”. This is interesting considering that it was just over a year ago when he bragged about his escapades with Kim with the track, I Hit it First. We wonder why the sudden change of heart?

Besides the sex tape, Ray also admits that fighting with Fabolous back in 2011 is among some of his mess ups in life. Shortly after the brawl, he blasted Fabolous during a radio interview and threatened to fight again. Ray addresses this too in the track, saying: “Calling the radio station, shouldn’t a did that s**t.”

The track comes after Ray-J was accused of sexual assault after he allegedly grabbed a woman’s boobs at a hotel in May.

Poor Brandy’s brother. We wonder if he’ll ever get a break – or a hit record.

Written by: Moza Moyo.

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