Slikour releases new song and first SA music store

IMG_3907Slikour has just launched a very exciting industry-first for South Africa – a new digital store that’s 100% supportive of local artists and can be accessed by any mobile device. Given the on-going debate around insufficient support for local artists, this move should see the rapper solidify his reputation as a champion of the people who truly is a BUSINESSS – MAN!  In partnership with Bozza Music to launch The 37618 Store, it’s the first digital store to sell only South African music that can be accessed by any mobile phone device.

37618 Store – named after the shortcode used on any mobile device with internet connection – is a music store that allows the user to purchase their favourite artist’s songs for R7,50. By simply texting the name of the song to 37618 users receive a download link to the song and within a few seconds they have it on their phone.


Today Slikour is also dropping his new single which will be available for free download for one hour this Friday evening – at 9pm to be exact.   The song is called  Millionaire Shake and sees the rapper returning after a long hiatus to bring the heat, as well as social consciousness! “I wanted to make fun of how society has adopted this perception and forgotten that people are in fact the most important resource to making a change here,” he says. Go to  slikouronlife to download the track. After 10pm Millionaire Shake is available for purchase from the pioneering new digital music store,  the 37618 Store and also iTunes.



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