New Webseries puts unsigned cats on

InnerView Ep 2 Poster-1HYPE is co-signing a new web series called Innerview which is a five minute interview with a new unsigned cat that is uploaded to Youtube once a month. The new episode of Innerview airs tomorrow at 8pm and stars PTA duo Octave and Mel Guard. 

Innerview was started by four PTA headz, namely Oratile (producer/editor), Nelson (DOP/ director), Tumelo (DOP/ writer/ director) as well as Thabo (writer). With all of them film graduates from TUT, they’re all about their business with one aim in mind. “Our initial plan at first was to make Innerview a 30 minute TV show giving an innerlook into a new artist while playing unsigned music videos which you wouldn’t necessarily see on TV but are still good. That is still our long term plan. At the moment we need to up our numbers for our webisodes. At this point we profile artists. Most of them don’t have stuff on wax yet, but they’re good and grooming their skills. We get them to rap in front of the camera to sell themselves and help to promote them in public,” says Tumelo. 

Regarding the accessibility of their web series, Oratile says: “People have smartphones now and its accessible as opposed to a few years ago. People also have short attention spans and don’t want to watch things for longer than 6 minutes so we’re in a good space.”

So all of you upcoming artists interested in getting on Innerview to showcase your hidden talents, holler at them on 081 588 6484 or email You can also join their group on Facebook (Innerview) where you will find the link to the next webisode which airs this Friday 6 June at 8pm on Youtube. 

Stay tuned to for each episode as it airs. 

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