LeboLukewarm drops ‘Lesilo’ and chats exclusively to HYPE

lesiloHe’s a photographer and musician that is not a rap – but can rap! At 26 years old, he’s making a name for himself in the arts and has just dropped a hot new joint called ‘Lesilo’. Bridgette Makhela got to chat to the man himself on his new work, his career path and of course all things hip hop…

Why the title ‘Lesilo’ for your new track?

Lesilo is relevant in the sense that, he was/is our only local ghost and most successful fictional character, and the song talks about girls who ghost (disappear) after their man’s money is done.

You’re well known for your dope photography, why the decision to get into music?

I’ve been making music in my bedroom for longer than I have been taking pictures. It was only recently I decided it was time for everyone else to hear what I’ve been doing all these years.

Tell us about the collective CameraShyGuys?

There are 3 parts to CameraShyGuy (CSG). Firstly there is the production aspect of it being Vthevowel, Patrick Herlihy (APH) and myself. Secondly there is the 5 piece band that performs together on stage. Lastly there is the visual directing part of it. We’ve done a few music videos like Lebolukewarm featuring Reason ‘I Want you’, Reason’s ‘No Sleep (remix)’ and Maggz featuring Pro’s ‘ Good Times Back’, just to name a few.

What does music mean to you?

Music is a form of expression, it is the vehicle that helps us document history. I feel musicians especially rappers, are historians that tell the stories of life at that time they lived it. Music is important for our future listeners, so they know how things were when we lived. We can’t only be talking about going to the club, popping bottles and bad b*tches.

Who helped you to bring the ‘Lesilo’ track to life?

I worked with Vthevowel on production, APH mixed it then it was passed on to the legendary Pete Maher (google him) for mastering.

Any other tracks you got out or are involved in?

Honestly there are about 3 tracks that I’ve been asked to feature on, the only problem is that we are so busy putting the album together that it’s been so difficult to get time to sit down and work on them without half stepping..

Any other talents we should know about?

On the real the talents that you should know about you already know. When it comes to Hip Hop there are a few vocalists that I pretty much die for and they are Balinde and Melo B Jones who are both local. But on production I would say you should look out for VtheVowel and APH (CSG) they are about to alter the way people view Hip Hop in this country and maybe even globally.

What genre would you place your music under?

Predominantly I would call it Hip Hop, but there are times where we do “Neo-Kwaito” which is a genre that I believe I’ve coined and it is the direction local Hip Hop is going sound wise. I think it is beautiful to see how we have come full circle, from just making music that was a replica of what the Americans were doing, to re-engineering our very own Kwaito.

 South African names you would love to work with?

I’d love to work with Blayze, I think we are polar opposites musically, but at what he does, he is the best! I’d also love to work with Moneoa on that smooth soulful tip. I feel as though these two artists have something special to give musically!

Who’s killing it right now for you on the scene?

Musically, and I feel I need to stress MUSICALLY, AKA can do no wrong. I’ve been patiently waiting to see what his next step for his sophomore album was going to be, but if ‘Congratulate’ is anything to go by; we are in for a treat.


Written by: Bridgette Makhela

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