The 411 on multi talented Jerome ‘Slim’ Du Plooy

(C)Themba_Mbuyisa_blogspot_ (4)Jerome “Slim” Du Plooy is a TV & Radio Presenter, MC as well as motivational speaker. We got an exclusive chat with the busy man himself…

You’re involved in quite a few projects, list ’em for us.
Wow the pressure [laughs]. I’m involved with Darkchild Productions. The owner Cabby Magongwa gave me my first television break on The basketball show which aired on SABC 1 after he spotted me MCing in the US during the NBA All Star Weekend. I’m an event coordinator and handle the social media as well. I also do advert – my current advert for Disprin is airing a lot, so I am the headache man – and still dream of landing my major acting role soon, God willing. I currently do entertainment news on Mulo’s show on YFM on a Sunday and I MC at events. 

Tell us how a day in your life begins and ends.
Wake up and tell them God is great. Freshen up, have breakfast, head to work for a full day and afterwards have supper with my family. I’m blessed to have a close relationship with various families. After that I head home, get some me time, speak to my mom and then meditate for a bit, pray and then it’s nap time.

How did you get into the industry?
For entertainers I always believe that the industry chose us. I always dreamt of getting on TV or radio from an early age. I was sitting at the radio and even singing Michael Jackson hits when I was five years old. I later wanted to get into acting but the NBA put me through school and I studied at Boston Media House where I had the passion for radio. I was mentored by Kieno Kammies and joined community radio station Eldos FM where a lot of other blessings came my way after that.

And how did YFM come about?
I did an interview on Mulo and Motso’s show, Mulo liked what I was about, we kept in touch and I got asked me to do the entertainment news on his show every Sunday. We recently co-hosted his Friday night show and a lot of good comments came after that so I pray that one day him and I can co-host a show together or that I could get my own slot and give a platform to lots of undiscovered talent in our beautiful country.

NBA, how did that happen?
I’m a talkative kid [laughs]. In 2005 the NBA funded the Soweto Kliptown Youth, a foundation I was part of. They liked what I was about, loved my drive and determination and wanted to give me better options which would help better my life and situation. They felt that the conditions I was living in weren’t  good for a child like myself. Ever since then I’ve been taken in by the NBA and I have been blessed to be part of one of the biggest organistions in the world. The players, the staff and just everybody who is a part of the NBA are unbelievable.

Tell us about what charity and helping others means to you.
Giving back is key!  You have to be a blessing to others. As I said I don’t give back because I have much, but because I know what it’s like growing up with nothing. I grew up hard and I grew up around lots of kids who didn’t even know what it’s like to sit in a restaurant. I didn’t want these kids to grow up this way which is why I started Slim Cares which was inspired by the NBA. I saw what players like Marcus Camby, Caron Butler, Luol Deng, C.J Watson, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and various NBA stars were doing which created the hype for a Slim Cares. NBA Cares also pushed me more as I work closely with the cares team during Basketball Without Borders Africa. In 2011 Slim Cares was born as I was finally in a situation to give back. I started with 100 toys for 100 kids and last year I ran a project called 100 meals for 100 families where I was able to give away four bursaries courtesy of Boston City Campus and 10 pairs of Jordan’s from Mokgele Kgagara and Nike South Africa. We then had 600 meals for 600 families a project which my lil’ man Howard Eisley pushed us to do. He raised over $6,000 and the event saw NBA Stars Carlos Boozer and Chris Paul donate to the project.

TV and Radio, which comes first to you and why?
That’s tough man! Radio will always be the first love; it developed my strong skills for public speaking, MCing and of course TV! You are creative in the studio; you can make love to the mic with your words. People can’t see you but can definitely feel your presence. They want to listen to you, hear what you have to say or the fun you make on air. With radio you can leave your positive voice in a person’s head and heart, trust me they will keep listening to you. I mean I even had a guy in prison send me a letter and some caps telling me he was going to change his life around because he looked up to me and what I was about.

Future plans for you?
Only God knows. Life is short so I can’t say, but I know that God holds a bright future and something good for me and every person reading this. You make the plans but the big man directs your actions. slim

Advice for young people seeking to make their dreams come true the way you are?
Stay true to who you are! People will build you up to break you down just to build you up again. Stop being basic and start being creative. Grind now and shine later, fame is not everything. Your dreams, your family and your community are your everything. These are the people who believe in you. Never ever forget God in anything you do! You put him first and good things will happen.

Written by: Bridgette Makhela

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