Girls rocking the wheels till they fall off

Kellz“So they kick push, kick push and coast”. When Lupe Fiasco released this single off Food and Liquor it was certain that he’d fused music and skateboarding together amazingly. I mean who can deny the fact that it was a dope song? Now we have the likes of J.Cole with his new music video ‘She Knows’ displaying two young skaters as part of the storyline for the song. I’m just saying skateboarding has reached a new level. There’s something thrilling about riding on a skateboard and feeling like you have no worries; like you are on top of the world when you finally land that trick you’ve been practising for a while. The first time I looked at a skateboard I fell in love and from then on I knew that this wasn’t just a board; it was a movement, a culture and most importantly a lifestyle.

Grow: Girls Rocking On Wheels is an initiative started by three young ladies who love everything about skateboarding. Grow is all about impacting and changing lives of other young girls through skating, teaching them not to be afraid of anything or limit themselves. This initiative was started by Nomsa Motale, Buhle and Kelly Murray who live and breathe the culture.

“I want to invest in this movement,” said Buhle. “It’s not only about skateboarding but it highlights different things such as art, photography and lifestyle. It’s a fusion of doing what you love and taking those skills back into the community”. Grow is all about finding a way to bring young girls together by using this wonderful element and going out to different places and recruiting a bunch of enthusiastic women as well as taking these skills to young girls who stay in homes and shelters.

SAM_1704It’s not going to be an easy journey but it will be worth it with a bunch of skateboards, fun times and learning different things. So watch out for these young ladies who are on a mission to impact the skateboarding industry and Grow! For more information check out their Facebook page: Grow-Girls Rocking On Wheels.



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