EYE-G go from Mars to Earth repping Cap City Rap City

facebook-20140123-143603Made up of 3 artists, Guintsu, PhleX_Prime and Wayne, Cap City Hip Hop group EYE-G have been grinding their way up the ranks one joint at a time. Having worked on their first project titled “FROM MARS TO EARTH” and now currently working on an EP, mastered by their producer “carvin”. This following hopes to raise up their levels, after past achievements such as landing performances with the likes of AKA, Kwesta, Slikour, ShugaSmakx and N’veigh. EYE-G is definitely one group to keep track on and we reached out for an interview with trio. Let’s get familiar…

How and when did Eye-G start up?

In 2009. We started as friends possessing a common interest without even knowing it. Wayne and I(Phlex_Prime) became homies as a result of liking the same girl and in high school, Guintsu and I were always thought to be twins so we were bound to capitalise on that. A year later we met our producer @therealcarv who’s understood our sound and vision and has been producing classics ever since.

 Describe the Hip Hop scene in Cap City according to Eye-G

The scene is doing well, a lot of talented musicians, producers and all but there isn’t any dominance. It’s as if Jozi or Cpt sets the trends that everyone follows in local Hip Hop. We not about that life.

You guys seem to have been growing your reputation for quite some time,as you have performed with the likes of AKA, Kwesta, Slikour and so on. What is Eye-G’s aim? 

To compete globally. 

How competitive would you say Cap City is and how do you guys intend on competing with the rest?

Cap City is really competitive being home to a lot of great lyricists. We on the other hand have a global approach to our music, we don’t make music for only South Africans to bump to instead we want to affect individuals around the world as well whether it’s through our lyrics, production, image just everything that’s Eye-G is well thought to make a huge impact globally. Our music isn’t targeted at a certain age or ethnic group either, whether you’re Indian, 18, 40, black, white, Chinese or whatever the case may be, our music will affect you.

What kind of sound does Eye-G produce?

A sexy, futuristic, global, maturely playful sound. We’ve got something new to offer. 

Which other local group would you say is competition for Eye-G? Or which group would you say is winning in SA right now?

Motif Records are really doing well in paving the way for our generation of Hip Hop. Otherwise in music generally The Parlotones are winners right now.

One word that best describes Eye-G?



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Eye-G music source: www.reverbnation.com/eyegsouthafrica

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Written by: Rudzani “rooat” netshiheni


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