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Suge Knight continues his bad streak

Suge Knight continues his bad streak Suge Knight


Suge Knight continues his bad streak

Suge_Knight  Suge Knight continues his bad streak Suge Knight 300x205We can’t think of a time Suge Knight wasn’t in controversy. 18 years after his label signee Tupac Shakur was fatally shot with Knight by his side, you’d think the storm of trials would stop but Knight can’t seem to get himself out of hot water over and over again. This time around, Knight allegedly got mad at a weed shop, threatening to kill one of the employees. According to it was over money apparently owned to the label executive. Police were summoned to a marijuana dispensary in LA where they found Suge denied access into the store which caused him to get even more angrier.  Suge is apparently being investigated for felony criminal threats. According to Suge’s camp it was all just a misunderstanding – but yo, who can claim that dude ain’t mad most of the time?

dre  Suge Knight continues his bad streak dre 300x300And he’s probably real mad at Dr.Dre too, who’s currently in a lawsuit in LA against his former record label Death Row Records, which Knight was formally in charge of, claiming they short paid him more than $3 million in royalties from sales of his work. Apparently he’s owed over $670,000 for unpaid mechanical royalties, over $1,2 million in unpaid artist-producer royalties and over $1 million in digital sales.

The 48 year old producer/rapper also reported in the legal paperwork that they are yet to honor a bonus that would jump his revenues from Death Row Album sales from 18% to 20%.

We will keep you updated on any movements regarding this case. Maybe it is a G thang after all?



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