King cazz aka dj cazz cutBuzzing restaurant, Liquid Chefs has been open for a couple of years now, become a trendy  place for dope folk to meet and possibly leave there making new friends or trying to aid a big hangover the next morning. Celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary in 2013 in J-Sec, we sat down with its resident DJ, Cazz.

How did you get into being a resident DJ at LiquidChefs?

One day on my lunch break while I was still working at Musica in Rosebank, I saw LiquidChefs moving in. I then asked to speak to the manager…and as they say the rest is history!

What genre do you focus on when playing your sets?

I’m a very versatile DJ; at LiquidChefs I play House, HipHop, RnB, Neosoul, Electro and some Old Skool Kwaito. I am what they call cloud 9 (something for everyone).

Is the money good?

Yes the money is good. I’ve worked very hard and paid my dues with the owners. We are both very loyal to each other.

The life of a DJ in one word is?…


LiquidChefs’ plan for 2014, any new exciting things to look forward to?

We got exciting things coming up. LiquidChefs is one place that is always filled with new and exciting innovative ideas, from having floors that light up, a Jacuzzi deck and awesome events like #FGF #VSS and #SOS.

How big is the LiquidChefs team?

From the hard-working waiters, barmen, chefs, managers, kitchen staff and of course the directors. LiqidChefs is more about quality than numbers.

How did the festive season go, LiquidChefs style?

One word comes from LiquidChefs festive season and that’s Wow! The events where unforgettable, with the New Year’s Eve party standing out. LiquidChefs is one venue to be rocking at every weekend. Live Life Liquid.

By: Bridgette Makhela

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