HYPE ‘list’ of our most gangster looking R&B singers of the 90s!

So women’s month is past and it’s time to give the gents a little TLC like Chilli. We’re going back to the old school where G’s used to look so thug you’d swear they had an inner rapper even though they were talking about swooning women with rose petals and taking walks in the park catching sunrays. Here’s our list of gangster-looking R&B male singers from the 90s.

–    Can you say 10 pack abs, leather pants, s-curls and muscles so big you’d think these n*ggas was on Dbol steroids. RIP to the lead singer Dino. H-Town were so hot in the 90s that people are still feeling their old school jams like ‘Thin Line Between Love and Hate’. No truer words have ever been echoed.


–    Now ain’t everybody a gangster and that goes for Jojo in this group unfortunately. But when it came to members like DeVante and K-Ci you knew there was some serious hood in them cats. Nobody was trying to get into any altercation. We just let ‘em sing about freaking women and loving them for life.



Bobby Brown
–    If you weren’t afraid of messing with Bobby Brown then you were either Mr T or MacGuyver in the 90s. Bobby was such a rebel that he was able to transform the most promising and innocent singer on earth into a crack head, RIP Whitney Houston. He was G to the end, and even got kicked out of her funeral. We know his prerogative was not to stay on the right side of the law.


Jagged Edge
–    What’s worse than a can of whip a*s? A double can of whip a*s. That’s what you got with Jagged Edge. Two sets of twins who looked so thuggish you knew your honey would drop her bra for them in a split second and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.



R Kelly
–    Now before he was singing the softest love tunes and worshipping the Lord, R Kelly was that dude you were not messing with – especially when he just debuted. I mean, not even a rapper could talk about bumping and grinding a girl as hard as R Kelly.



Teddy Riley
–    Teddy Riley is a pimp, a gangster pimp. When he wasn’t producing the biggest singles for Michael Jackson in his prime, he was performing as part of Guy and forming the legendary crew Blackstreet. These crews had hits for days courtesy of their hard demeanor which was beautifully coated with harmonies and love stories. Riley ruled the 90s. He could sell ice to an Eskimo faster than you could ice your wrists. Ain’t that a G.


–    The Atlanta trio had a short-lived career, but came with a punch of thugness infused with dope hooks. They were so slik they’d take your woman and make her their wifey just off one of their classic joints.



–    When you get past those rock hard abs, we got three words for you: Same Ol G.




–    We ain’t saying nothing. Just look at his picture and figure out if he ain’t a G.




–    Ok, we’re going to make an exception here because he dropped his debut in 2001. Why? Because Jaheim is so ghetto that he named his first album Ghetto Love. You heard it when he sang. He was as much street as he was muscle. He didn’t do too badly with the women either and that’s what qualifies him to be on this list. Ladies loved ‘em some gangster looking crooners. What is it about bad a*ses?

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