The Hooch Fox guide to starting a rap group

If you’re into rap and have been thinking of starting your own crew, now’s the time to show the world how dope your talents can be. But before you start breaking down some sick beats with your new group, here are a few pointers to get the rhymes flowing from Hooch Fox, the refreshing spirit cooler and proud supporter of SA talent:

First things first
Can you rap? Before you start a rap group, make sure you can rap. Get a friend to give you an honest opinion. If you are good to go, then start searching for group members.

Find the people with the beat
If you don’t already have friends who can rap, then interview people. Send out word on Twitter and join pages like the Hype Magazine Facebook page where you’ll find like-minded artists.

“Ask them to break down a beat with you and even have a few jam sessions with people you may like. This will help you narrow down likely fellow rappers with the same style and vision as you,” says Jackie Cavernelis-Marais, Hooch Fox brand manager.

Get creative
Once you have your group together, start writing lyrics. Hole up for the weekend, stock up on food and Hooch Fox, and let the lyrics flow.

Perfectly practiced
“Practice makes perfect,” says Jackie. “You need to make sure you are prepared to break down any beat on cue, because you never know who you’ll meet on your rap journey.”

Line up some gigs
Once you have mastered the rhymes, line up a few gigs to get you and your group warmed up. “Beat battles are a great way to showcase your style and suss out the competition,” she says.

Time to get famous
With a few gigs under your belt, it’s time to find a manager and get signed to a record label. Send out demo CDs of your beats and get your manager to book a few more gigs. Start a Twitter and Facebook presence to increase your following and enjoy your new life in the fast lane!

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