Drake still concerned about Riri’s safety

Making the July cover of GQ Magazine, Drake once again addresses the feud with Brown but goes deeper into the story, telling the magazine: “I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name. I really don’t. I wish we could sit down, just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen.”

Speaking about the incident at the New York club last year in which their infamous brawl happened over alleged suggestive notes about Rihanna sent from Drake’s camp to Brown, the Canadian rapper also added: “I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down”. However, admitting that he’s embarrassed by the amount of media coverage him and Brown received over the fight he took a go at Brown, saying: “Two rappers fighting over the woman. He’s not even a rapper, but still, it’s the last way you want your name out there. It distracts from the music. But he’s made me the enemy, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay, I guess.” Showing slight concern for Rihanna’s safety, he doesn’t go into detail about their former relationship but says that the situation between Brown, Karreuche and Riri could end badly: “If I think about it too much, I feel it wrapping around my foot, like I get a feeling it could end really badly… Like, it gets really dark.”

Check out the June/July issue of HYPE for more about this feud between Brown and Drizzy.

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