Priddy Ugly talks about his health scare, pretty boy looks, not getting his verse featured alongside AKA and more!

In the latest issue of HYPE, we spoke to Priddy Ugly about everything from collaborating with AMU to the status of the industry at large. Here are exclusive bits from our interview that you didn’t get to read in the magazine…

HYPE: At age 15 you developed two knee tumors, which affected the cartilage percentage in your knee cap, thus ending your dancing and sporting career. Do you think it was a blessing in disguise?

PU: It was a blessing in disguise indeed as much as it was a disappointment. I’ve had four knee operations in 5 years, that’s crazy! I would’ve loved to pursue an athletic or soccer career, but you know what they say, when God closes one door he opens another. It enabled me to apply all my focus towards my music and I don’t regret it at all.

HYPE: A lot of ladies would define you as a “pretty boy” or a handsome dude. Do you think that your looks are a large contribution to your success? If so how do you determine your real fans from the ones that want to associate themselves with you for their own reasons? AKA once said it’s the real fans that buy albums and not the followers.

PU: Looks aren’t vital, although image is everything. You need to separate yourself from the next artist in your appearance and style. The more appealing you are the easier you are to market. More endorsements come your way, more brands want to be affiliated with you and represented by you. The cooler you look, the more influential you are and when more people aspire to look like you or are inspired by how you look, the more your following grows, therefore the more money you make, easy.

HYPE:  Speaking of AKA, you collaborated on the smash hit ‘Hit ‘em up’ with him and Xtatic. What was that experience like?

PU: Me and AKA weren’t in the studio together for that song. I’m a fan of both Xtatic and AKA, so to be asked to come and feature on a song with both artists, you can only imagine how big it must’ve been for a small upcoming artist like myself, so I didn’t hesitate. I came through and laced a verse and was later asked to jump on the hook as well. In the end my verse wasn’t used, but I was still honored to be on the same song as these two talented artists.

HYPE: Carry this flow for at least four bar: I don’t know why these dudes mean mug me/ try bump me/ is it cause I’m priddy Ugly?

PU: All I know is I’m widdit, don’t try and dunk me/ y’all are timid, won’t try to jump me/ no gimmick I’m priddy gully, its vivid my city love me/ feel it up in her tummy/ the fittest, don’t try me dummy/ You livid its priddy funny, considered my city’s Ghandi.

HYPE: Ghandi?

PU: [laughs] for the sake of rhyme bruv, for the sake of rhyme.

HYPE: You are currently in a relationship with the beautiful Ms Bontle Modiselle.  How do you guys manage to stay together with all the attention you get from honeys as an artist. Has it caused any arguments?

PU: Not at all. B is a super matured young lady. She’s been with me right from the beginning and she supported and believed in me when a lot of people didn’t. She’s seen my struggles, she’s been with me in my triumphs, so she knows who’s real and who isn’t and she really isn’t fazed by other girls trying to get close. We both knew from the beginning that other girls would pay attention, so it was something we both prepared ourselves for mentally, and when the attention got worse, we naturally got stronger and more solid. She’s got my back more than anyone. We keep our relationship to ourselves and that how we’ve managed to stay strong. You don’t let strangers walk in and out of your house, so don’t be letting the world in on your relationship, keep that to yourself b.

HYPE: What’s next for Priddy Ugly?

PU: A new mixtape and more after that. More music, better music, better collabs, crazier videos. I’m growing as a man everyday and have new experiences every day, so expect great stories, stories everyone can relate to. I’m working with an international producer by the name of Tiago from London and we have crazy stuff in store. Sony producers, the Fahrenheitz, are all over my new project. The Deceptikonz gave me heaters too, so the production game is crazy right now. I got a great team, Aviator Music Group is the stable and 2013 will be a great year for Hip Hop.

Thami Ncube

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