Moneoa: Talks about the challenges of women in a male industry and moving to the city of gold

Our soul sista for the Apr/May issue, Moneoa is as beautiful as she is talented and intelligent. Here’s what you didn’t get to read in the magazine…

HYPE: So you’d say that it is definitely more challenging or that there is an added pressure being a female in the industry then?

Moneoa: It’s tougher for females! Definitely tougher. In the music industry, most of the key players are males. Some men take it as far as giving women the ultimatum of sleeping with them to get a big break. It’s quite disgusting how often this happens and even more so when women actually give in to this. Then to make things worse, the ones that express hate the most when women make it, are other women! It’s sad. But women are recognised musically and have been for years now. We are able to compete with men and in some instances, come out on top. We can actually make a living from music, we can be remunerated and are able to be supported by our country so regardless of how much harder it is to “break in”, I can’t make excuses for not eventually “breaking in”. The opportunity is not unavailable. I’m grateful for that.

HYPE: Whats the transition from Umtata to KZN to Joburg been like for you? Are you finding it to be the city of gold that everyone professes it to be or more like a concrete jungle?

Moneoa: It’s definitely a concrete jungle! Umtata and KZN are very chilled compared to the JHB lifestyle. Here, if you don’t move fast someone will take your spot. You can’t get comfortable with anything in this city. Everybody is in a rush to be somebody. The amount of work is way heavier here. Johannesburg is the true definition of the term “Walala Wasala” [Laughs]. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good in a sense that you’re kept on your toes, you get used to working hard and progressing fast. Bad in a sense that your career and work could end up consuming your entire life and cause you to lose your sense of simplicity. Either way, I’m out here, man.

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