Khuli Chana Makes Amends With Notshi

Lord knows Khuli Chana has been consistently dropping heat over the past few years and stayed getting snubbed for some unexplainable reason. So we here at HYPE decided that if the Chana didn’t win something at the Metro FM Awards we would go to the radio station’s headquarters with AK47s and loot the building. Okay, not really, but you understand our enthusiasm for this issue. He won. All is good. Everyone’s happy. Except for Notshi, that is.

When Khuli Chana’s name was announced for winner of Best Collaboration, he stepped on stage with producer, PH, and gave his acceptance speech. You know, the usual… Gave thanks to his fans, producer, God blah blah! You would think that especially because the song won the award for best COLLABORATION he would mention his collaborator? We would too. That didn’t happen.  Quite frankly, Khuli seemed to have thanked everyone but Notshi.  What makes the situation even more dire is that not only did Notshi have a lethal verse on the song, ‘Tswa Daar’ is also originally his song! Yup, the track, as most know it, is a remake of a song from Notshi’s first project which Khuli saw potential in and decided to rework.

All the heat that Chana is receiving is expected; that’s a pretty big mistake to make. But give the guy a break. One: people win awards. Their names are called out and they’re so excited they can hardly string together a sentence. We forgave Yeezy for the Taylor thing (and the George Bush thing and Kim Kardashian thing and wearing a skirt thing and about a billion other things). Secondly, we don’t  believe that it was intentional. We’ve been working on something very special with Khuli Chana (that we shall not mention just yet – keep your eyes peeled) and all the guy can do is talk about Notshi. Seriously, it crazy. He’s since apologized on his Twitter account and went on radio to say:

“On behalf of Notshi, PH (producer) and I, I would like to thank every single Chana who made this award possible. To Notshi I say you are the future! Let this award inspire you to bigger and GREATER things! It’s ALL love”

The dude made a mistake, that’s all. It’s just unfortunate for him that there are no second thoughts or second takes on live television. Notshi is a signee of Khuli Chana’s newly formed record label, Mythron Records and will feature in a mixtape compiled by Khuli exclusive to HYPE. Cos we just cool like that.

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