Now most people know that the influences Hip Hop has on all who live it includes both positive and negative*haters* responses and with that embraced one got the chance to touch down with SleekNote member Young Nucho on how he manages the limelight and more..lets get familiar..

Its been a while since we’ve heard from Young Nucho, what has Young Nucho been up to?

I’ve been puttn alot of time in studio, working hard on my projects, I got a SleekNote Mixtape coming and my own other Mixtape EP where I’ll feature unrooted talent. I got unsigned producers Sykotix, Spittabeatz and rappers like Izzy, BloodNavey, BlueTearz and more. Young Nucho doesn’t brag about half-baked projects. I will be back in the spot when projects are fully cooked.

Within Hip Hop there has to be pressure points, haters and so on, how do you handle being negatively approached?

Well I get worried when I don’t get negatively approached, that’s what picks me up.They make me work harder than I’ve ever done and the more I get haters, the more I know I’ve accomplished something.

Who inspires Young Nucho?

Firstly I’m inspired by my team SleekNote, my brother who taught me to rap…and my greatest inspiration of all time will always be 2pac(RIP)

When did the whole Hip Hop thing actually start for you and how did u get into hip hop?

It all started in High School, we never thought we’d be this far by now. I have to thank my brother who introduced me to the Hip Hop culture. I always remember his words that ” Hip Hop is about sharing your feelings”, that’s the reason why today I can make a hit track like “I’m not Wayne”, where I tell my story. I also like to thank God, without him I wouldn’t be who I am. He planned my future a long time ago. At SleekNote we trust in God.

Whats your opinion on the growth of Hip Hop in Africa?

Well Hip Hop is growing in SA, my message to artists out there is please give unsigned artists a chance, there’s a lot of talent in SA, they only need one chance. SA artists are too greedy, if they can change their way they could change the industry as a whole.

Anything we can expect in future from Young Nucho?

Lots of future expectations from me and the SleekNote team. I’m looking forward to giving young people a chance to showcase their talent. I also want to be a good role model who guides kids to get educated. They look up to me and do whatever I do, so I’ll have to stay out of bad publicity.

One word that best describes Young Nucho?

I’m sorry, I’m too much to be described by one word. “The Voice Of The Voiceless”…five words describe me.

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Piece by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

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