J’Something – talks about hip hop VS house

MiCasa definitely hit the industry with a bang, especially in 2012. We hit up J’Something to engage in a deep conversation about all things hip hop and house – and what their plans are for 2013. Check this one out!

When you first started out recording towards your debut album, did you anticipate the degree of success that you eventually had?

Like with anything, not only with myself but the whole group, we try and give 100% and always be positive. So yes, of course, at first we were extremely excited and enthusiastic.

Did we anticipate this degree of success in the amount of time we have been around for?

Definitely not. We have put in a lot of hard work, and clearly it is paying off.

Is there a divide between hip hop and house in your opinion?

Well, It depends from angle. Musically definitely a clear divide. House music has the obvious 4-4 structure. But from a culture perspective, in South Africa, I regard them quite similar. Most of the shows we do always have Hip Hop acts and they mix really well together.

Which artists would make a killer house and hip hop collaboration?

For me, there are so many options in South Africa alone. HHP has and would murder it.

Why do you think house music is more commercially successful than hip hop music in SA?

I guess this is like asking why do black people enjoy chicken so much? House music I feel is what most of us South Africans hearts beat too. Its just how it is. Hip Hop has a very cool position in the industry. It’s growing day by day thanks to the caliber of artists that are coming out.

There’s some hip hop swag in the way you dress. Who inspires your style?

Oh there is? [laughs]. We didn’t know. But, style is something very important for me and the rest of the guys. We try and keep up with the latest trends yet still keep to who we are. Our industry doesn’t determine the way we dress. So I guess growing up and just personal taste has determined the way we dress. Obviously, when you look overseas and see style icons you are pointed towards the successful Hip Hop artists such as Kanye, and Pharell.

What is your opinion on the hip hop industry in SA?

I think its great. Met some great guys in the industry and have had the privilege of performing with most of them too.  Like I said earlier on, it’s a great industry and I think its growing really quick. I like the home grown flavor that a lot of the artists give. I like South African Hip Hop. Not really into the American-South African Hip Hop vibe.

Do you ever clash when it comes to creating a song and how do you sort out these group dynamics?

Yeah, of course we clash, especially in studio. But, like with any other relationships, clashes come and they can either make you stronger or weaker. Thank God for us we have just grown stronger as a group.

Take us through a typical writing process?

I wish it had an ABC step process but to tell the truth it doesn’t. For us the most common way to write music was simply by jamming together. We would get into studio and Duda would turn on the keys, and myself and Mo-T would just freestyle. Record certain melodies on our phones and take it from there. Nowadays, because we always on the road we write a lot of our new material at sound checks. We simply do what we use to do in studio but now on stage.

You did a remake of a Sade song ‘Smooth Operator’, showcasing your versatility and eclectic taste in music. When you’re not making music, what artists are you listening to?

Mo-T is a strict jazz man. Nothing else. Duda also loves jazz, and gospel, and a lot of soul music. Myself –I’m a bit of everything. I listen to hip hop quite a bit, I enjoy Drake a lot. At the moment Miguel is on repeat. As well as some older stuff like Michael Jackson and even Dave Matthews.

What are your plans for 2013?

2012 has been incredible for us. 2013 Is going to be even better. We’re starting off the year going to the US for a week with a performance for the President that side. From there we come back get into studio for the next album. We’re also working on our live DVD for sometime in 2013. It’s going to be another crazy year.

You guys are HUGE with fans, and we’ve seen people jumping on your vehicles. What does that feel like to know how obsessed people are with your music and you as musicians?

We feel blessed. It’s crazy. And we still get emotional on stage to this day seeing people sing our songs. It’s a feeling that is very difficult to put down in words.

Describe that exact moment when you knew you’d made it.

We were at the Vaal for a government gig, and we saw 500 odd people running to the stage we were performing at and we got such a fright. It sounds chilled, but when you see 500 people running to a stage because they see your van driving in, you get quite a fright and a shock.

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