Khuli Chana’s second solo studio album, Lost in Time, debuts this November

Three years after his much acclaimed MotswakOriginator album, Khuli Chana has released his second solo studio album entitled Lost in Time. The album transcends the here and now and is an album that aims to take its listeners on a journey of rediscovering Khuli Chana.

Khuli Chana entitled his album Lost in Time because he feels he has been “lost in time” with the making this album. Working on a second album after such a successful first made Khuli Chana lose sight of all reality and disappear into a world of music that he hopes can live up to the success of his first album or be more “godly”. Khuli Chana describes being lost in time as having a positive effect on him. “It has made me focus on nothing but my music, my fans and my brand and now it’s time I let the rest of the world find it…find me!” exclaims Khuli Chana.

The Lost in Time album is nothing like the MotswakOriginator album; however, Khuli Chana fans can expect another classic. In the signature Khuli Chana style, the album consists mostly of tracks in “Tswenglish” (Tswana mixed with English), as well as collaborations with some of the industry’s rap giants such as: Reason, AKA, and Zeuz on “Hape Pt1”; HashOne and K.T on the track “WannaBeez”; Nomhlhe on “Capunta”; and the fastest Motswako rapper, Bizz, on “Ketane”.

Khuli Chana took a trip down memory lane with his music director and childhood friend Kaygizm. He believes they created a masterpiece with Lost in Time, and that his brother and mentor “Towdee” delivered the best verses on this project.

The tracks on the Lost in Time album were written by Khuli Chana, with Kaygizm’s music direction.  The songs were produced by the likes of pH Of RawX Studios (producer of the hit single “TswaDaar”), Steve “Sticky” Raphadu, Trompie of Beatmachine, Ab Crazy and Victory Chauke (producer of the new classic hit “HazzadazMove”).

Khuli Chana sees the Lost in Time album as an outlet to allow him to reintroduce himself. “The success of my first album has given me the freedom to push the envelope, the license to kill…I’ve been listening to the “Lost in Time” project day in and day out. Now it’s time to let it be known. I’m giving u that old feeling and still sounding like the newest Kid on the block. #Chanapower”

Why did fans have to wait so long for this album? Khuli Chana simply put it down to “The kind of music I want to make cannot be rushed”.

The Lost in Time album will be available globally on all major online stores in digital format, as well as via physical CD in Southern Africa from 16 November 2012.

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