Some say he’s the second 2 Chainz *waaaat…* and others say he’s the future, but all those statements don’t really matter when this future superstar is taking the game to a whole other level.

Coming all the way from Atlanta Georgia, Future (Nayvadius Wilburn) has introduced a whole new sound to the game in just a matter of days. His style of music is definitely not one to ignore as his sound is a soothing combination of rapping and singing which just seems to make Hip Hop sense. It’s not every day rappers create new formulas of sound and that Future formula has got most ears hooked to it.

Although most people regard the usage of the auto-tune effect a cheat, it has proven itself over and over again *Shout-out T-Pain!*. Having been signed to Epic Records, Future has got the crowd excited and wanting to hear more and his current album PLUTO will keep the whole crowd satisfied. That’s right, satisfied.

Joints such as “Turn On The lights” and “Tony Montana” showcase what Future has managed to put on the table and all though we can’t truly judge a book from its first two pages, the future looks bright for this superstar. Big-ups to Future for rapping and singing at the same damn time!

Rudzani Netshiheni

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