Drake breaking records – legally and illegally

It must be really hard to be Drizzy. With a discography longer than  the great wall of China, and not many accolades to show for it, Drake’s success is bittersweet. I mean, how many rappers can really say they’ve outdone Jigga? In February this year Drake broke the record for the most number one singles on the Billboard Rap Chart – making him the rapper with the most number one tracks EVER – 12 singles to be exact! In second is Jay-Z with nine #1s, followed by Lil Wayne with eight #1s and Kanye with 6 top singles. We’ll say it again – no other rapper has had more #1 singles than Drake.

It’s undisputed the Drizzy switched up the mixtape game – and the game in general. And now he’s made history again. His single ‘The Motto’ off his album Take Care  has become the most illegally downloaded single in the US, almost 500,000 to be exact. What’s ironic is that the album has been certified platinum. Either way, Drake has always been one of the men of the moment since he first stepped onto the scene. I can’t help but wonder if he himself thinks he deserves way more props and respect. In 2012 alone he’s been beaten in almost every category he’s been nominated for at all the major award shows. That must be a bummer. And never mind the hate he gets, most recently for his obsession with Aaliyah. Stay tuned for more on this pressing issue.

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