Hip Hop: the number one motivation

“Same old shit just a different day, out here tryna get it each and every day.  Momma need a house baby needs some shoes times are getting hard guess what ima do Hustle Hustle Hustle hard…’’

When you listen to this song you cannot help but feel inspired to start a brand new day of hard work. Something inside of you makes you want to do well and push your hustle.

Artists such as Wale with songs like ‘Ambition’ have really pushed Hip Hop to a whole new intellect level, even Kanye West with lyrics such as “do you realise that you are a champion”.  Honestly speaking the words encrypted in these songs makes you feel like you are indeed more than a conqueror.

Hip Hop music has long been known as an element that has a huge influence on the youth. We have heard all types of discussions on the subject from celebrities such as Oprah which don’t really regard it as a good genre and most political figures figure it to be the type of music that makes noise and no sense.

But in reality if a song can make you change your mentality and make you believe in yourself and that there is nothing impossible as long as you push yourself as a person then this needs to be recognised.

When Hip Hop artists get into a studio and write verses that can change society’s perception, about what life should be then it means they are doing something right. So let us quit the idea of trashing down Hip Hop and actually educate ourselves about what it is really about .Take time to analyse artists such as Talib Kweli , Lupe Fiasco Common and many other Hip Hop artists and actually see that there is more than meets the eye. Where there is knowledge there is power – salute.

By: Nomsa Motale

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