Da L.E.S. talks about “Incredible” video,  Ama Kip-Kip, Swagg & AKA

Leslie Mampe aka DA L.E.S just keeps doing it right! His brand new video ‘Incredible’ has since been making waves, proving how he constantly keeps coming back with a bang while keeping his fans entertained.
What message does ‘Incredible’ convey?
Incredible speaks of the transition from super to incredible. Learning how to fight, as well as the game’s constant chase and hustle.

Where was the video shot?

Ama Kip-Kip?
I rock their line in the video, yes I work with them. I’m an ambassador.

Describe what ‘SWAGG’ is to you      
Something We Africans Got.

Will we ever see you and AKA do something together?
Well you never know what might happen, anything is possible…

Words of wisdom to upcoming hip-hop cats?
Put your heart into it, maintain patience and trust in the music.

Bridgette Makhela

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