Rapsody’s ultimate wish list!

In our Dec/Jan issue, we hit you up with an exclusive interview with 9th Wonder’s protégé, Rapsody. Check out more from the interview you didn’t get to see in the mag…

If you were to write a wish-list of places you’d like to tour over the next five years, which countries would be on it and why?

I want to touch a lot of places in the next 5 years.  Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, and definitely a lot of countries in Europe.  I have heard from 9th and others that these are some of the best places to visit.  I hear they have a different appreciation for the culture overseas, and I’m excited to visit all of these regions hopefully.

You’ve mentioned plans to write books for children. Do you feel that storytelling is a common thread connecting emcee and author?

It is a common thread between emcee and author.  Emceeing is storytelling, in a condensed, rhythmic form, with rhyme.  The emcee is the author and the song is the story.

If you were to pick five artists to join you for dinner, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, and Mos Def.

Michael Jackson is my favorite artist of all time across any genre.  He is the reason I fell in love with music…not just hip hop, or soul…but music in general.  He is the greatest artist to ever live.  So, to have dinner with him and just hear the stories, and get advice and insight from him would be immeasurable.

Jay-Z and Mos Def are two of my top three favorite emcees ever.  They both make timeless music and records.  So, as an emcee I would love to pick their brain and have them share their knowledge and experiences with me about everything from the art of it, the business of it, and everything in between.

Lauryn Hill is the other emcee in my top 3, and Erykah is one of my favorite artists ever.  As women in the business, I would love to have their advice and knowledge to guide me.

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