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With a cover art that was inspired by the 90’s animation cow and chicken which was broadcasted on Cartoon Network the now 26 Year Old rapper Danger Power Ranger Gives us his 3rd single from his up coming mixtape “”The Character Of An Unfortunate Situation”.

The Song starts with Danger painting how he used to be like in his days of active addiction, from dodging work and being confronted by his own mother about his selfish ways that he on his own couldnt see, comparing himself to a wondering Pilgrim far from home lost on new soil not knowing what tomorrow may bring and seeing his talent not going anywhere since he just floating around and writing songs that no one will get to hear.

second verse he talks about relationships and how selfishness can destroy it without any clear sign that there is anything to gain from being greedy. Here he accepts that when it comes to greed he cannot change it in other people if they cannot see it themselves and at the end lists the traits of a selfish person that he once was.