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So HYPE has been a servant of our hip hop culture for years now and it’s this heritage that will continue our progressive nature. We can never and will never forget the countless number of mega hip hop artists that have stood on a HYPE platform prior to their current success. This special connection between us and the people has resonated throughout our past, throughout our present and will resonate throughout our approaching future. It’s a new wave. Now this BIG issue is the start of something new people, a variety of paradigm shifts in the way we’re evolving and growing. Forget your basic expectations and ride with us.

It’s a new wave in the sense that we’ve managed to shine a light on two power houses (Nasty C & Moozlie), two stars that are certainly on the verge of greatness especially on their own lanes. Now Moozlie has become a force that has undoubtedly grown right in front of our very own eyes and its this force that will grab your attention.

Moozlie off white jordan february release 11 1
Moozlie off white jordan february release 11 1
Moozlie off white jordan february release 11 1

“For me the mission was always to just f*ck sh*t up” – Moozlie

img_00564-fixed  Moozlie IMG 00564 fixed 1 229x300hype-big-issue-web4  Moozlie Hype big issue WEB4 229x300






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