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‘Earthgang – Consciousness With A Twist’ By Nomsa Motale


‘Earthgang – Consciousness With A Twist’ By Nomsa Motale

A moment of silence for all the music lovers who appreciate dope lyrics and insane beats that compliment the structure of a song. There is nothing as awesome like digging deep into a song that consists of all the elements that make it legendary.It’s all good to nod thy head when appreciating a hella lit beat, but it’s so much better when the word play is on an A-level.

Well…”Earthgang” has proven to us that being a jack of all trades is basically about channeling talent into vision. These young men know how to have us feeling on a beat, but they also know how to hypnotize our brain waves with their witty lyrics and vibe. It is so refreshing to see these talented rappers bringing us out of our comfort-zone and taking our musical notes on a journey of artistry, evolution of a new wave and consciousness with a twist!


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