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Erykah Badu- A Creative, Musical Genius! By Nomsa Motale


Erykah Badu- A Creative, Musical Genius! By Nomsa Motale

“Bag-lady you gon hurt your back, dragging all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told you. All you must hold onto is you, is you, is you.” – Erykah Badu

I remember singing along to those words and thinking to myself. “I’ve finally found someone who makes me feel at in-sync with myself.”  With her hypnotic voice, wise lyrics and insane creative skills. It’s no-wonder why till this day and age, Ms Erykah Badu is relevant and still kicking! She is not just an artist, but a healer, with the way she teaches us so many profound lessons through her artistry. Musicians like Erykah remind us that there is nothing wrong with being authentic and your truth is your light.  She has also been a spokesperson for all the women who have dealt with inner conflict. She truly knows how to make a person escape into their vulnerability and still find comfort in the process. We can’t believe that this wonder will be performing at the DSTV Delicious International Food & Music Festival this year! Check out Mama Badu doing her thing, on one of her famous songs ‘Green Eyes’.

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