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Doja Cat- Futuristic Goddess By Nomsa Motale


Doja Cat- Futuristic Goddess By Nomsa Motale

Doja Cat is what you call an absolute gem, not only because she is gorgeous but because her mind is out of this world. No like literally…out of this world. This young artist is known for her visually stimulating music videos that catch your eyes and attention. From songs like “So High” which has a very trippy sound and melodic tune, to her recent hit song like ‘Moooo’. Doja Cat is very innovative and rather futuristic. She has been in the game for a minute and people have beeeen sleeping on her, but we glad they caught up on (her mooooves). We’re excited to see, what she has up next for us. She is constantly thinking out the box and knows how to create a concept with a simple song.


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