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‘Emotionless’ By Nomsa Motale


‘Emotionless’ By Nomsa Motale

“I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome, and she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home, cause all that mattered was impressing everybody she has known.” – Drake

The sun woke up and stared at her every morning. All it did was admire her entire being not because she was beautiful, but because she was more than that. Her existence was like a diamond found in the middle of cracked roads and fallen sand. Something about her was rare.

Every morning she would stare into the mirror, with a crooked smile and wonder if she was enough. Searching for validation on locked screens and likes.

This womxn may be someone you know. It may be your younger sister. A younger cousin. It may even be you.

How many of us have locked the little girl inside of us. The little girl who wonders if she  was ever good enough, pretty enough, worthy enough. How many of us have these little girls trapped inside of us and they seem to come out online.

How many of us allow these little girls to come out when we seek approval from people who hardly know us?

The first time I listened to Drake “Emotionless” it really hit me. It took me to a place where captions validated my emotions. It took me to a place of asking myself if I really know who I am, without asking other people.

How many of us as womxn have not really dealt with our insecurities and have allowed the world to tell us who we ought to be.

There is nothing wrong with being pretty or looking pretty. But there is something wrong when a young girl purges on food because she wants to look thinner. There is something wrong when a young girl bleaches her skin because she feels less than.

There is something wrong when a young girl uses social media as a form of escapism when she has no-one to talk to.

The world has taught women to constantly be hard on themselves, to fixate their minds on beauty and if they are not “beautiful” enough then there is something wrong.

“I know a girl who was crying for help, but her latest caption is leave me alone.” – Drake

What happens when beauty cannot help the little girl when she is depressed or has no-one to talk to?

What happens when the amount of likes does not speak into her soul when she feels alone?

What happens when a young girl is stuck in abusive relationship relationship, searching for answers and ends up dead?

I wrote this for the little girl who scrolls on her phone searching for missing links to fill her soul. The girl who has grown up into a womxn but is still dealing with emotions of depression, low self-esteem, abuse, past triggers, healing paths and so forth.

Your intelligence is enough. Your mind is enough. Your ideas are enough. Your body is enough. You do not need acceptance from the world to tell you that you are “enough.”


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