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Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles!

Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles! solange2


Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles!

Everything about her screams ‘Creative Genius’. From her music, to her fashion sense and the way she executes her ideas. Solange Knowles literally took over 2016, with her amazing album and we all know that when it comes to fashion, she is all about being innovative and trying out new things that vibe with her. It was no surprise when she recently graced the cover of ‘Bust’ magazine and we could not ignore how gorgeous she looked!

Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles! Solange1 211x300 Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles! solange2 260x300Solange ‘Slays’ Knowles! solange3 258x300

Written by @sasamotale

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