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The IGNITE Limitless Core [SneakPeak]

The IGNITE Limitless Core [SneakPeak] PUMA PUMA Limitless Core 1024x512px Content Calendar 26Janu


The IGNITE Limitless Core [SneakPeak]

Following on from the IGNITE Limitless Hi Tech and Extreme Hi Tech PUMA introduces the third addition to their street running sneaker collection, the IGNITE Limitless Core. Run the Streets speaks to go-getters who follow their instincts and live life at full speed. Inspired by ‘tailored performance’ the design began with streetwear influences, then added performance technologies to create comfortable and protective sneakers that don’t compromise style. Exaggerated proportions are bold yet sleek with special interest paid to a clean use of textures and details: bonded edges, matte and shine play, collar height and big, bold branding.

The IGNITE Limitless Core [SneakPeak] PUMA IGNITELimitlessCore 0745 RGB The IGNITE Limitless Core [SneakPeak] PUMA IGNITELimitlessCore 0767 RGB

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