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Innovate and Create

2017 is around the corner and we cant deny that 2016 served us with some dope music, but what would a song be without a visually stimulating music video? to wrap it up and make sure that its proper! A music video can either make the song better or crappy! It’s all good listening to the song on your phone or radio, but there is something brilliant about watching the video and the concept and artistry and how the story line compliments the artist and the song.  The innovative and creative ideas that come up in the video, allows us into the imagination of the artist. Hence why we need to give props to artists who allow their music video directors to come up with fresh ideas because honestly its refreshing to not see a music video that looks like every other video that’s already out there!

So lets give it up to Priddy Ugly for blessing us with some dope music videos that made us say “Toooo Much Sauce!”

Written by @sasamotale




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