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Drake Fires Shots At Kanye West? [Watch]

Drake Fires Shots At Kanye West? [Watch] kanye west drake ovo fest


Drake Fires Shots At Kanye West? [Watch]

Its been assumed that Drake responded to Kanye’s recent rant where he name dropped both Drizzy and DJ Khaled for conspiring with radio to make ‘For Free’ a huge hit. Drake took an opportunity to fire some shots at Kanye via online and on television. Drake made himself as clear as he ever during his acceptance speech for Favourite Artist Rap/Hip Hop at the American Music Awards and said “For our genre, I just like to keep things exciting and keep making music. Shout out to everybody that’s trying to do the same thing … More Life is coming soon and more tune for your head top, so watch how you speak on my name, ya’know?”



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