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Muzi Drops Debut ‘Boom Shaka’ Album [Listen]

Muzi Drops Debut ‘Boom Shaka’ Album [Listen] muszi


Muzi Drops Debut ‘Boom Shaka’ Album [Listen]

South Africa’s very own producer Muzi has just released his debut album called Boom Shaka. Made-up of about 11 tracks in total, in an interview with Pack London, the Berlin-based producer explains how “he feels like Boom Shaka is his first project and that creatively he is reaching a place where he can make exactly what he hears in his head”. Muzi has widely been known for skillfully merging electronic & African sounds to create one authentic sonic experience that is clearly set on world domination. Praises…

muzi  Muzi Drops Debut ‘Boom Shaka’ Album [Listen] mu

In addition to being available on major digital platforms, Boom Shaka was also packaged in vinyl form.

muzi  Muzi Drops Debut ‘Boom Shaka’ Album [Listen] CrRBzxyUEAAP NC

Listen below:

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