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Kendrick Lamar Sings Drake’s ‘Controlla’ & Rihanna’s ‘Work’ [Watch]

Kendrick Lamar Sings Drake’s ‘Controlla’ & Rihanna’s ‘Work’ [Watch] kendrick lamar termnal 5 billboard 2015 650

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Kendrick Lamar Sings Drake’s ‘Controlla’ & Rihanna’s ‘Work’ [Watch]

A hilarious new clip of Kendrick Lamar happily singing along to Drake’s ‘Controlla‘ and Rihanna’sWork‘ has surfaced on the net. Kendrick and Drake may have had their little differences in the past, but this clip shows that one can still enjoy another’s song. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any new collaboration work from Kendrick and Drake on a song together and although this video doesn’t suggest anything, it’s quite clear that there is mutual respect here.

Watch the clip below:

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