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“This line is about me getting lost within the lifestyle for getting my purpose in the streets, I finding myself through this designs…”

Page-1-Image-1  VERY LOST Page 1 Image 1 1 1024x683 Page-2-Image-2  VERY LOST Page 2 Image 2 1024x684 Page-4-Image-7  VERY LOST Page 4 Image 7 1 200x300 Page-5-Image-8  VERY LOST Page 5 Image 8 1024x796 Page-6-Image-10  VERY LOST Page 6 Image 10 1 200x300 Page-7-Image-11  VERY LOST Page 7 Image 11 1024x677 Page-8-Image-13  VERY LOST Page 8 Image 13 1 203x300 Page-9-Image-15  VERY LOST Page 9 Image 15 1 217x300

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