Gigi LaMayne Drops New Music. Download ‘NcaNca’ Here

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At the moment, Gigi LaMayne spewing songs at scary rate. Just off the back end of two singles and her #IronLady freestyle series, the petite but larger than life emcee is back with another one titled ‘NcaNca’.

“You can’t spit these bars like I do… If your hustle then don’t mention my name/ focus on your fam, your racks, your presence on stage/ my legs closed and I’ll probably pop a youngn in a decade/ Now I’m graduating grading A’s simple on my essays/ Got your pack of ratchet acts telling me I can’t do that/ Shots, they throw it, no one catches”

Now we’d hate to falsely perpetuate some non-existent beef but even the deaf can hear that the flames on this song are directed at someone specific, no? The question is: who is it? Listen for yourself and let us know.

Download ‘Ncanca’ by clicking here