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Riky Rick Responds To AKA’s ‘Composure’ & Announced Gold Status In New Song

Riky Rick Responds To AKA’s ‘Composure’ & Announced Gold Status In New Song Riky


Riky Rick Responds To AKA’s ‘Composure’ & Announced Gold Status In New Song

The internet went wild yesterday when AKA pulled a Kendrick ‘Control’ and Drizzy ‘Charged Up’ combined and dropped ‘Composure’, speaking on his respective gripes Riky Rick, Cassper, Anatii, his baby mama DJ Zinhle and just general people the Super Mega is not appeased with. Considering the most contentious things were said about Nyovest, we all expected him to be the first one to respond in some form. But we all woke up this morning to see that Boss Zonke beat him to it.

In the song ‘Say My Name’, which starts off like he is about to unleash the fear of God on AKA, Riky is heard having a verbal exchange with what sounds like phone conversation between him and someone important to him, who counsels him about focusing on what’s important. Right after that, the mood of the song changes from ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ to ‘Change the World’, as it transitions to the ‘Spread the Love’ section where he raps: “I’m the only won who wanted these niggas to work it out/ I’m the only one who was trying to make peace/ I guess my only mistake was being a real G.”

Admittedly, this is not the response that many hoped for because let’s face it, it’s more entertaining when dudes are cutting each other’s heads off. But it’s admirable of Riky to not perpetuate a situation that has already gone so far and instead choose to explain his side of the story. Now we wait for Cassper.

Oh did we mention he ends the song off by announcing Family Values officially went gold? Congratulations Boss Zonke.

You can download the song by clicking on the link below:

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