Zooming in on Zomb

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537763_535689416523070_466964802_n Zooming in on Zomb Zooming in on Zomb 537763 535689416523070 466964802 nIts never a waste of time and energy to look into international street fashion brands that produce top quality clothing and are gaining major successes over short periods of time through their hustles.

One such brand is Zomb Clothing, a young UK based label that truly started from the bottom and is still going higher with their baroque inspired clothing items and unique style. Their pieces rep all sorts of graphics from historic art like “The Louvre Ceiling” to the Hindu God “Ganesha” and more. A mixture of artistic style inspired by the streets is what one can say this brand is all about. I got the chance to interview Zomb on how they began and where they going… let’s get familiar

When and how did Zomb come about?

The idea of a brand was created on Nov 17th 2012, then developed throughout Christmas and the beginning of 2013. The official logo and naming of the brand was created the same day as the idea of creating this unusual brand. At the start of it all, me and my close friend set up some t-shirt designs as mock-ups and wanted to attract a certain specific audience. However, the designs we currently sell are not what we originally wanted to sell, not even our best efforts are put into these current designs. We did these current designs for “safety”. We are now engaging into something completely new, never seen before styling and we are generating this brand to fill the gap in the market for weird and wonderful people who we think seem fit. 2013 was sort of a “test year” for us, just to see if the brand actually sells, and it does.

The exposure and popularity that the brand has been receiving just seems to get better better, are there any specific people who have a helping hand in pushing the Zomb brand?

My friend has no involvement in the brand as such, however we do discuss ideas together in our own ways. Basically the entire brand is run by one man.

There are many other brands out there that have gained a certain level of success/failure. What would you say really separates the Zomb brand from the rest?

Well, my initial answer would be everything. However at this current moment in time, not much separates us as there are so many brands copying this sort of baroque styling that we no longer want to be apart of. For 2014, we are going all out, and are really going to show what Zomb is all about as a brand.

What range of clothing does Zomb offer?

We offer t-shirts, beanies & snapbacks  at the moment.

How can one get their hands on some Zomb clothing?

www.zombclothing.com is the website were you can purchase our products.

What can we expect in future? any other projects taking place?

We aim to produce skinny jeans, leather jackets, shorts, jerseys, and all kinds of clothing.

One WORD that best describes the Zomb brand?



By: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni