Fimo The Beatboxer: How Police Academy changed his life

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Fimo The Beatboxer: How Police Academy changed his life Fimo The Beatboxer: How Police Academy changed his life fimo newtownThe beat-boxing culture is one of the recent in SA but has progressively become a flourishing and attractive industry. One of the driving forces behind its growth is Fimo The Beatboxer. His first breakthrough was when he made it to the quarter finals SA’s Got Talent in 2012; but it was his victory at Back to The City’s beat-box competition two years in a row that cemented his status as one of the best emerging beat-boxers in the country. We caught up with the young champ.

Fimo The Beatboxer – who’s he and where’s he from?

Fimo is this young, vibrant, and explosively loud, yet humble person. I’m a go-getter, jet-setter, who does everything to the best of his ability and beyond. In my community, I am a campaigner and a voice for the misguided youth. Fimo is from a small place in the East Rand known as Palm Ridge. Not many people knew about this area, until Fimo “arrived”.

Only 19 years of age – when did you realise you had this talent?

I realised I could beat-box at the age of 10. At first it sounded weird because I was a kid creating sounds with my mouth, until I watched a TV series known as Police Academy. In that series, there was a character named Jones aka Michael Winslow, who created sound effects with his mouth on a whole new level, thus giving me a meaning behind the sound effects known as beat-boxing.

What inspired you to pursue beat-boxing?

Michael Winslow, Doug-E-Fresh and our very own George Avakian.

Take us through the process of coming up with a beat.

I draw inspiration from every sound around me so that I can formulate the crazy beats that come out of my mouth – sounds such as switching on your TV, tuning your radio, listening to a helicopter circulating above, and even from a drummer performing at a live gig.

Who are your most favourite local and international rappers and producers?

Currently, my favourite local rapper is AKA. Internationally, it’s Jay-Z, as he has achieved great success. My favourite international producer is Timbaland, who began his career from beat-boxing. Locally, my favourite producer is George Avakian, who made the transition from beat-boxing to music successfully.

What has been the most memorable experience of your career to date?

It was being crowned Back to The City beat-box champion in 2012 and 2013. It was electrifying and spectacular performing in front of an audience of more than 20 thousand people.

You’ve shared the stage with the likes of L-Tido, PRO, Maggz and George Avakian. Take us through the experience.

Sharing the stage with such well-known artists was humbling, breathtaking and exciting. These are the people I grew up watching on TV, and through GOD’s grace, there I am sharing the stage with them. These artists have been kind enough to teach me the ropes.

Beat-boxing is relatively new to South African audiences, but people are gradually appreciating and getting used to it. Say, in 10 years’ time – what do you think the beat-boxing scene will be like?

Back then, beat-boxing was in its crawling stages. 10 years later, beat-boxing is in its walking stages, where a vast majority understands the concept behind it. 10 years from now, through GOD’s grace, beat-boxing will be doing a young Caster Semenya, where everybody will know what it is and we’ll have a lot of young beat-boxers.

In whatever business or craft one is involved in, it all boils down to the issue of money. So, as a beat-boxer, is it easy to get booked?

It’s not easy, at first, in any business or craft to make money, but as a beat-boxer I’m able to live off the talent and I’m able to showcase it to many. Once you have established your name in this industry, bookings are easily available

Written by: Moza


  • Collet Khan

    I know Fimo since small, and am so proud of him, he sets an example to all young once in Palmridge, my nephew Mohammed Zayed simply adores Fimo and want to follow in his footsteps

  • Simphiwe

    Big up 2 my homie 4 putting Palm Ridge on the map.. :)#HumanMPC #BeenKeepingitAyoba.

  • Uras,Christ-Rapper

    Een van die beste beatboxer’s!!! Keep up the gud work bro!;)

  • Miss Nay

    Amazing talent, amazing person with great wisdom. So glad I got to know u better and wishing only the best with ur future!

  • Dj Bradz La Muzik

    Fimo My Men! Me and fimo only met recently but his like an older brother 2 me, he guides me to make the best choices , I mean entertainment isn’t a easy industry I could tell since day one that he has the purest heart ever! God bless big bro!

  • Nicola Shoneez Smith

    So humble, so honest and so down to earth. Even if I didn’t know Fimo…I would still absolutely adore him. Goooooo Fimo!!! #Keepitayoba
    I must admit this dude is a great inspiration to me to chase my dreams despite the odds! You rock guy!

  • nazir

    You are definitely on the right track to achieving your dreams.Stay humble,stay blessed.

  • nazir

    Hard work,determination & dedication surely have paved your way forward.Big ups to you.Hope we see a lot more features on you.

  • Vanessa Man

    Set the Standard Fimo, the sky was never the limit! Well done

  • natasha

    Started 4rom d bottom nw he’s here,well done 2 a respectful,humble young man.Ur community is very proud of u.

  • Trudy

    Well done Faheem,im proud of u….ur a great inspiratiuon to me nd i salute u!!

  • yasmeenfarana

    Keep it ayoba fimo beat boxer aim foR the starS you are the best indeed

  • justine Jay’Jay

    I’ve known fimo for 4 years now & this is one person who goes for what he wants very humble I’ve always beleived in н°̩м so proud of his great inspiring work keep working hard brother god bless you:)

  • nazir

    It always humbling 2 see a young individual pushing 2 attain his objectives.You certainly personify that type of individual.Stay blessed.

  • Chezade

    Fimoooooo!!! The best big brother anyone could ask for!… Jus wanna say that I’m so proud of you… You are one of my role modelz , my inspiration… Keep on doing what you do best coz you are an inspiration not only to me but to all the youth… Lotza love!!! <3

  • Pulse_DYC

    Fimo is Truly the best beatboxer I’ve Heard in SA So Far!
    Dreams Do Come True homes!

  • Rowler

    I think fimo has done a great job on putting his name outhere at a young age,it shows that nothing will stop you from accomplishing something if you keep pushing!Big up Bro!!

  • Props to Fimo for holding it down for the East!

  • Big up to my home Fimo da Beatboxer. We love what you keep on doing it. Was great to have you on our Radio Show!!! All for the love of music. 1 love. Tmo Supremo !!!

  • lynnie smit

    Fimo the beatboxer:

    He may not have been situated in a well known area
    But the crowds began to grow and yes the more the merrier
    He showcased his talent in such a vibrant way
    He grew and discovered a little more each and every day

    Fimo the beatboxer , the humblest you’ll ever meet
    Helping out the community , standing strong on his two feet
    The sounds he makes , portray a message 2 our ears
    Sounds soo spectacular , sound far but are soo near

    Creating his own fame and fortune
    Many lay on the necks of family , thinking they deserve their portion
    Fimo makes the best of every day he’s given
    In the beatboxing industry , I think he’s the greatest to be livin’

    Fimo keep on raising your standards
    So the next beatbox generation
    Work as hard as you did to understand it
    #Keepitayoba ♡

  • @SoNice_Collin

    This homey is gifted! He has serious direction! …. #BuckFam #ClinchCrew

  • Duso

    Awsome bra. After reading that… makes м̤̈ε wanna be a pro like you. Dope man.

  • stringz

    My boi fimo, best beatboxer in Africa. Big up! We goin in soon gotta hit the stu @Stringzballer

  • Gabriella

    What an amazing interview, with interesting questions, and definitely interesting answers! So proud of you Fimo! Stay humble and keep up the hard work bro! Your going to go BIG!

  • Chad Lae-Z Boy Britton

    Well working with Fimo has been a great Time.He’s not only a good beatboxer he’s a great Mc to.Me being a up and coming events planner and party host in JHB,Running a model agancy and hosting local fashion shows,just to up lift the community and Coloured nation has its ups and downs but having Fimo around makes it fun always getting people to laugh at he’s sound effects and beats makes any business a fun business. Fimo keep it up bro we all hustling and one Day we will make it to the top. Its all about Faith and Hope bro we have God on our side so stay blessed bro

    • The Boy is a Treasure and leader to the East Rand Hip-Hop. Light to the New generation Hip-Hop! #LongLiveFimo!


  • Seunno

    I was mind blown to hear and see someone doing things like that with his mouth but even more shocked to find out that he is from a hood not so far from mine! I like the fact that he so talented and humble at the same time. Fimo keep pushing your hustle man, great success is yet to come

  • Gigi

    Go Fimo!so proud of you.Gigi LaMayne and team LaMayne behind you all the damn way!!!you kill all day every day.

  • Teezy

    My nigga from the east-side! Fimo is one sick beatboxer, super on point. Keep going big boy VIBEclothing will dress you

  • I can still remember the days at the gym change room when Fimo dropped a crazy beat and we be like – ooooohhhhh keep going!!! I knew from that day that the world needs to hear this. You are truly talented my brother, wishing all your dreams become a reality #Ahuuuuu #GC

  • Versatile

    Anti-Rape campaign ’13..
    Not any more is needed to be said after that statement..from 1 artist to another…Fimo..u have raised the bar.No tv show or mag can wrap that in words

  • Versatile

    Anti-Rape campaign ’13..
    Not any more is needed to be said after that statement..from 1 artist to another…Fimo..u have raised the bar.No tv show or mag can wrap that in words

  • Nandi

    Femo, my son is looking up to you and its a blessing that there a still young men that can influence younger one to fufill their dreams as you have done.

    Remain blessed and keep flying for the world to c u!!!!

    Fezi’s Mom.

  • Mbali Phiri

    I’m soooo proud of you Big Bro!!!!!! #LotsOfLove

  • HaMieDa

    One word: ‘superfantabulouslyawesome’

    Fortune favours the bold, break all boundaries! Keep the great work going and the funky beats rolling!

  • londeka

    This is. Very nice, inspiring 🙂 <3 it…

  • What a humble young man ,focused and very respectful. May God be the leader in your endeavours . You go boy.

  • AnnieJ

    Wordz cannot describe how proud we are of u fimo :)..keep doing what you do best and stay the awesome,crazy nd humble dude u are!* U are truly blessed with an amazing,rare talent!

    #GotMadLove4yaMaNigga 🙂

  • Big ups to homeboy Fimo, a success you gonna be, very talented and humbled young man. Keep shining son, all the best with your future and always remember, for you to make it in this industry,one needs to be disciplined, dedicated and hunger for success comes standard. You got it and going places… 😉

  • nazir

    Soo proud of you.Keep pushing hard.

  • nazir

    Achievement doesn’t require extraordinary ability.Achievement comes from ordinary abilities applied with xtraordinary persistence.

  • natasha

    He’s just climbing d ladder higher nd higher,u go boy,u such an amazing kid

  • desharn

    Yeah I’m not gonna #tswang n talk hip hop language I just want to say that Fimo is an inspiration to many people his age and younger,I’m sure he has inspired many people to start beatboxing. I can say this because I’ve seen it,I see it every single day,I hear it every single day,so I’m speaking from experience.Fimo is an inspiration but then again keep your eyes open for beatboxer in progress,prodigy of Fimo himself #beatbox Sharn 😉

  • Barbs

    well done nana so so proud of you as if seeing you in action wasnt enough
    keep up the awesome work stay as humble as you are…

    you’re an inspiration to many a funfilled loving person and you make even the tiniest person feel the love when you’re around, i look forward to sharing sharing the stage and hosting with you for many more gigs to come.

    mwaaah Love ya long time son

  • What’s up, just wanted to mention, I loved this article.

    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  • Mini B

    Its always a pleasure seeing how successful the youth of South africa is. Keep doing what you do and your legacy will live on

  • Jed Nery

    You didn’t perform at back to the city in 2013.. there was no beatbox battle.. so how are you crowned winner of 2013