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MORALE IN HOSPITAL AFTER SERIOUS BIKE ACCIDENT MORALE IN HOSPITAL AFTER SERIOUS BIKE ACCIDENT aaafd17dd296d2a6c965e9bd53d4e15cLate, yesterday night, Twitter went bonkers after Glitz Gang member and cousin of J-sec rapper, Morale, tweeted: “My nigga Morale just got into a serious accident”. As one would imagine, this came as a vast shock to everyone, including YFM and Vuzu’s Scoop Makhathini who probed Pages for details of accident on Twitter, to which Pages later replied: “Yeah ma g, the ambulance just took him away”

The news happened to have surfaced on Twitter during the debut of fellow Glitz Gang member, Maggz’s, single with Pro & Tibz’ Showlove Music on 5FM, which saw a larger than usual audience pay witness to the tragic news. After a few panic tweets from fans, Pages was able to confirm that though Morale incurred a few serious injuries and “some broken bones”, he can confirm that his Glitz compatriot will live. “S/O to everyone giving their best wishes. Let’s give the homey a couple weeks to get back up. God bless yall”, he added. Morale has since been showered with well wishes from his thousands of Twitter followers and fellow emcees including P Dot, L-tido, P-kuttah and Blaklez.

One thing is for certain, we sure are glad to hear that the homie will be okay and would like to wish him a speedy recovery too. Cos after all, “No-one Can do, no-one can do, no-one can like do yeaaaah!”

Make sure you send your message of encouragement to him on Twiter to: @MoraleVeritaz

  • phumlani

    Get well soon ma g morale!

  • Speed recovery hommie i aint excited bout this ishh at all. .wish u get back on yo feet A.S.A.P lord do the Rest Amen